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contacting the lovely april

Feb 26, 2002 — [b]you need to have some way to isntantly message whosevers on the wb cam, for example, in my case it oudl be the [i]lovely april[/i]. but if you were a fan of someone else you coudl send an instant message to whoever that is, so they know how much their fans apprciate them[/b]

Crazy Monkey says:

Thanks for the support rammy! I agree with you; there have been many times when I have wanted to talk to Mboffin and get an instant response. You know, you could be crafty and, depending on if they have email, email the person by viewing their profile...tricky, tricky

CoolGui says:

I thought that's what IRC was for. :P

Lisboa says:

Personally, I think we should torment MB to create his own real-time IRC chat GUI that is embedded on a web site.

He's about the first person that would come to mind in my little universe of successfully creating such an interface.

(Kiss ass hard at work...such are life's blessings)

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